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Hello to all visitors to AFTER LOSS.  On this page there is a memorium to Sarah, my wife of nearly forty years.  I would be please to add a memorium on behalf of any visitor. Please use the link below to contact me. (There are no costs involved.)



Although words seem to say so little, I hope they help in some small way to ease the sense of loss that you're experiencing today. Hold fast to your memories, to all of the cherished moments of the past, to the blessings and the laughter, the joys and the celebrations, the sorrow and the tears. They all add up to a treasure of fond yesterdays that you shared and spent together, and they keep the one you loved close to you in spirit and thought. The special moments and memories in your life will never change. They will always be in your heart, today and forevermore.

-Linda E. Knight




My Uncle, my friend.

On June 17th heaven took from me, my Uncle, my friend, whom I can no longer see.
The weather was bad and the rain fell from the sky.
Little did I know that this would be our final goodbye.
It was the shocking news of your departure that brought tears to my eyes,
as you made me remember that day.
What it was like to cry.
I never knew life could be so hard untill that day you passed.
One second you're with us aged 51, then taken from us too quick and too fast.
Right now I'm in a different place and though we are apart.
I'm closer than I ever was, as you're hear in my heart.
Your life was a blessing, your memory a treasure.
You're loved beyond words and missed beyond measure.
Sleep tight my Angel and visit when you can.
Love is forever and always my one and only
Uncle Dan.
Chris and Lucie, your Nephew and Neice.
Chris Dumbleton.

DANNY WOODWARD     1965 - 2016

Sarah Downer. 1938-2003. Eleven years ago today I lost the most important person in my life, yes, of course I grieved over my loss and this website is dedicated to her.

Now I know, that grieving was for me. It was me that had been left behind to grieve, to face life alone after 40 years of working together, sharing the problem times and the good times, and I was scared for myself. Grief does fade over the years and it allows you to look back and think in a different way.

Sarah had gone but her passing meant that the pains that she had be bearing had also gone, and I know, she was prepared to go, ready to go.

That was the passing of a wife, a sister and a friend, but, most of all, a mother. Sarah loved babies and children above everything else. I have regrets but the greatest regret is that she was never able to see her grand children grow in to fine young adults and will never see her great grand children, that is my greatest sadness. Maybe I'm wrong, unlike myself Sarah was a strong believer in the after-life, I hope that she was right.

Trevor.  10th February 2014.







Amelia was a member of a group that I joined. We got together once a week to discus spiritual and alternative lifestyles. She was in her early twenties, a mother of a young son and a very nice person.  She started to feel unwell at times with bad headaches. Her own doctor could find no cause and so referred her to a specialist.  He could not help and referred her on.  All the time she got worse and the headaches got more debilitating.  She began to lose weight and strength and began being sick and unable to eat and yet doctors could still not help. Eventually she was sent for a brain scan and it was discovered that she had a large and by now inoperable brain tumor.

Within a short time she died in great distress and pain. This could have been avoided. Her family and friends had to see her suffer for some time and tried everything to make her life easier.

She was young and attractive, friendly and likeable.
    Whenever we met she would ask for a hug, she was 5ft 3ins I am 6ft 4ins she always said that was the best hug she could have. We all loved her and enjoyed being with her. We still miss her even after more than ten years, she will always be remembered as one of life's treasures.
Amelias song was her eulogy, it is dedicated to all those like her who should still be with us.


Sarah Gracie Downer, nee MacKay. 1938-2003

This photograph taken in 1963 is of Sarah who was to be my wife for nearly 40 years.

We have to believe that you still exist somewhere,

That you still watch us sometimes, that you still love us Somehow.


Added on February 10th  2012.

Hello Sarah, eleven years have gone past since I said good-bye,

my life has moved on as we always agreed that it would for the one left behind, I have a lady friend whose personal circumstances were similar to ours, we understand each other and can help each other through the times when our memories return to the past.

Life is not like we always hoped that it would be but we expected that.

I miss you more than ever.


 Jim  Dalziel.  1934-2011.

Jim, an e-mail friend of mine passed away on 30th June after a short illness.  Jim leaves behind his wife of over 50 years, Airlie, two sons and four grandchildren. Jims great hobby was ex army vehicles, especially the America "Jeep" of which he had a collection that he showed on many occasions. The very well attended funeral service was held on the 8th July at Rankine Church, Strathaven. R.I.P  Jim.

Everything passes and vanishes;
Everything leaves its trace;
And often you see in a footstep
What you could not see in a face.

 William Allingham 1824=89.

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Catherine McCreadie, nee MacKay. 1936-2011

(sister of Sarah)

Catherine, my sister in law. I married Sarah and Catherine became my sister in law, that was fifty years ago. Catherine passed away in hospital last week, a triple bi-pass that worked but her lungs gave up, yes, she had smoked cigarettes all of her life.

Catherine was full of life, had opinions on every thing and was happy to express them. she and I argued continually over many subjects, especially politics until Sarah banned that as a subject.

I came home from work one day and my wife Sarah asked me, "What is man get out?", "I don't know" I said, "it means nothing to me", Sarah said, "look, I wrote it down exactly as Catherine spelled it out to me". I look at the piece of paper and after a moment I started laughing. "That's not man get out it's Mange tout". That was Catherine, if she saw it she would try it, even if she had no idea what it was. Of course I then took every opportunity to remind her and always got the reply, "You rotten b*stard" but always with a smile on her face just as she would give the same reply when I reminded her that although her birthday was the same day as mine, she was a year older.

When I lost Sarah to cancer Catherine was there. Catherine was there for me in the following days and carried the same pain over the loss. We talked on the telephone each week for hours at a time but I knew that I must never 'phone when the soaps were on the tele. We could talk on any subject openly and speak honestly to one another, not having to hold back from saying what you mean. We asked each other for advice and usually took that advice, Catherine, I will miss that.

I spent an hour and a half at her bedside three days after her operation when things seemed to be OK, we held hands and talked, made each other smile. I didn't know that she would pass away four days later. There are things that I wish that I had said.

Catherine, I will miss you so much. RIP. 4th March, 2011.


Gracie Willis-New, nee' MacKay.

 Wife of the late Denis Willis-New, passed away 9th March 2012 at the age of 83. The well attended funeral service was held on Thursday 15th March at Clydebank Crematorium

Gracie was the second born to Mr and Mrs John MacKay and one of eight children, her passing sadly brings to an end the family of Mr and Mrs MacKay.

Gracie was the mum to Denis, Grace, Dawn, John, Kirsty and Donald.

Gracie and Denis  lived in Africa for several years and leave a large family of grand children.

Gracie was one of my sisters in law and I first met her in 1962, she always seemed to make the best of any setbacks and during her life bounced back from several problems that caused hospital stays.

Her life,  early  to arrive in her family and the last to go was similar to the several parties that we once had, first to arrive and last to go with lots of fun, a dance and a song in between with a wee sip of Clayva. Maybe there will be another party up there.

RIP Gracie.


In memory of  Sarah Gracie MacKay.  Passed away February 10th 2003.

It's ten years since you had to leave
And left that empty space.
but in the sky and clouds above
Still I see your face.
I know we can't make contact
No message can you send
But I will not stop hoping
Until my very end.


February 10th 2013.



My little girl - On 30 Dec 2010 @ 02:43:42 By Jill Bruce

I found out our baby girl had a brain bleed at thirty weeks in the womb. It started with me feeling fluid in my stomach & made an appointment to see my doctor. He told me to go home as everything seemed fine. For two days the baby did not move, I knew something terrible was happening. My doctor said it was very common when baby is comfortable. I did not believe this as this was my sixth pregnancy. After throwing almost a tantrum, they sent me for an ultra sound. My baby girl had several blood clots on her brain & had gone into a coma, for no apparent reason. Long story cut short, they induced me at thirty four weeks, other than that, a normal birth...weighing seven pound two ounces. Twenty inches long & head circumference thirty four inches (not to bad).

She looked perfect, I thought they made a huge mistake. They put her in special care & monitored her for a week (head stayed the same).
We were told we could take her home. It was a battle from day one at home. She wanted to sleep all day & night & started to lose weight.I was feeding her with an eyedropper while she was sleeping. I kept in close contact with our doctors, but I did not want to put her in hospital. Every day was a bonus & surrounded by her sisters & brother, she was well cared for & deeply loved. Still feeding her with an eyedropper around the clock, she started to thrive, gaining good weight & waking herself more often.

When our little girl was five months old, Her head started to swell & the pressure was causing severe vomiting. At five & a half months she was in surgery to have a shunt put in to relieve the pressure. When she woke it was like she was reborn. Didn't take her long to start some of the normal milestones, sitting up & commando crawling... Life was great.

The surgery saved our babies life but left her right side paralised, so she had to learn to do things with her left. We were told she would suffer seizures, slight cerebal palsey & rigidity. With lots of therapy, love & support she was a very happy & determined little girl. When she was two years & two months, our baby had her first seizure which was caused from a high temperature. First time in her life, so far, she was sick. Frightening time as every time she got a temp she had a seizure & was hospitalised for days. At three she had to have the shunt replaced as it malfunctioned. We were told she may not know us after surgery ( we did it before so we will do it again)but once again she sailed through it, not forgetting one thing.

Our little treasure had so much fun with her siblings & her friends at pre school. Our little girls achievements. Could recite the alphabet, know all her colours, say any word. Had so much love for everyone. Taught her family & friends how to treasure every day.

Our baby was born on the 1st of november 1994. We were told to take her home & love her.....every day was a blessing. She suffered seven seizures in her life.....The seventh was fatal....

Our beautiful little girl died at 12.20pm on Monday the 5th of june 2000.

We all still grieve for our little girl that brought so much love into our lives. There will always be a hole in our hearts but we were so very lucky to have her for
...FIVE YEARS, SEVEN MONTHS & FOUR DAYS. To the world she was but one, but to us she was the world.

written by Jill Bruce. Queensland. Australia.

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