You must remember, you're young, you're out with your girl friend, you are both just a little daft, we've all been there. Window shopping, we will buy that and that, and we will buy all of those. We didn't, we could never have afforded too. It was the full Ercol range for the dining room. We did get married and 18 months later our first son was on the way.

Perfume? Chocolates? No, just one part of the Ercol range. Sarah, my wife, was not aware that I had been in to Glasgow and asked about the rocking chair, it could be mine for £12. Not much today, but, in 1963 this was a lot.

The answer was HP, yes, hire purchase and there were forms to fill in and sign, ten shillings deposit and ten shillings a week for 24 weeks. ( of course today that would be 50 pence ).

The rocking chair is now nearly fifty years old, What is it worth? I saw a similar one sold for £80 at a recent auction and Ebay has one at £125, but there is not enough money in the world to buy my rocking chair.

I can see that rocking chair now with Sarah sitting in it, rocking gently back and forth as over the next 6 years she nursed and fed our three sons and the comfort that they seemed to get when she nursed them through sick or sad times. I can remember the six times that I put that rocking chair in to my car and dropped it of at the homes of my six grand children as each of them were born. How much are memories worth?

For the last eight years it has been sitting in my bedroom, yesterday I brought it downstairs to the living room and my two year old great grand daughter sat in it for the first time. It will probably be hers one day so that she can nurse her first child. I hope so. I know that both of them  will be safe because Sarah is still in that old rocking chair.