"With the holidays fast approaching, I think about last Christmas.

Last year was the first Christmas without my sister.  Personally, I felt like skipping over the entire season.  I knew in my heart that others were depending on me to help make the holidays bearable, so I helped.

I did ask less of myself though.  I did most of my shopping on line. When I did go out to the malls I was surrounded by happy, laughing people and I felt very alone. I didn’t feel like laughing and being happy. I was almost angry that everyone around me was going on with their lives. Did they not know my sister was brutally murdered? Did they ......."

These are the opening lines of the article by Shirley Wiles-Dickinson that can be found on the "Open to Hope Foundation" newsletter for  November and the full article can be read by visiting http://opentohope.com/ and sending your email address in the box "Join our Newsletter".

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