There are times when we are unable to write the words that suit the occasion and say what is in your mind, the below may help.

We do not think of you as gone, Your journey's just begun.
Life holds so many facets, This earth is only one.
Just thinking of you as resting, From the sorrows and the tears,
In a place of warmth and comfort, Where there are no days and years.
Thinking of you as living, In the hearts of those you touched,
For nothing loved is ever lost, And you are loved so much.


There will always be this heartache, And often a silent tear.
We shall cherish those precious memories, Of the days when you were here.
Remembering you is easy, We do it every day.
But missing you is a heartache, That never goes away.

He isn't much in the eyes of the world,
He'll never make history,
No, he isn't much in the eyes of the world,
But he was the world to me.