It is probably normal that as you reach my age, a little more than three score years and ten, that funerals become a regular occasion in your life, four in six months is quite a lot especially when three of them were my wider family.

Death is a fact of life that we will all come to at some time but most deaths leave behind those that loved the one that has passed away. The pain that the lost loved one, now at peace, possibly had, is now passed to those left behind to grieve over the loss.

Life continues for the living, at first not as you knew it but in your own time you will accept your loss and move on to the next part of your life, it will be different, and as we get older, difference is harder to accept, it comes slowly, maybe it just creeps up on you so slowly untill that day when you notice it and accept it, don't fight it, you haven't changed but the world has moved on and it is your new world in the new part of your life.

One thing will never change no matter what else does, your memories will remain and can be visited at any time.

The "birth"?  I have a brand new great grand daughter.