Christmas without a loved one.

Hello Friend. All family holiday times remind us of those loved ones that we have lost and the first Christmas is often harder than at other times.

Memories of past Christmases stay in your memory for ever, and, I believe, that's how we want it to be, but pain and sadness are not how our loved ones would have wanted it.

You will start your Christmas days with your own private memories, alone with some tears, so very normal, but, many of those memories can put a smile on your face to meet the day.

If you have family, remember, they also had that loss and possibly feel the way that you do. I found that taking a few moments together to talk about that missing family member, the happy memories of past times and Christ masses and then a few moments to remember in silence, will help everyone.

Friends that visit may feel unable to have an easy conversation with you until you mention the loved one that is no longer here and starting that short conversation will put the friend at ease.

It will be a hard day for you and for very many others that are doing the same and I send my love to help you through this day. You may find some help here.