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What comes after loss?

Posted by Trevor Downer on Thursday, July 1, 2010, In : Help through grief. 
Regardless to what occurs in your life one thing is certain, death.  One of every loving couple will one day be left behind and face a period intheir life that will give  them great pain.

You will have to face up to something that you have probably never experienced before, feelings and actions that you know are alien to what was the you that you knew so well.

It is my wish that everyone should be prepared for this period of grieving, know something about what will happen to you, how you will a...
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This may help you.

Posted by Trevor Downer on Thursday, July 1, 2010, In : Help through grief. 

A helpful article by Sheri Pearl can be found at, "Deceased Son Gives Mom Signs, Comfort"

"There are numerous ways to connect up with loved ones on the other side. "    "Of course, you have to be open to it.  You can step right over a very valid sign, missing it entirely. "

Open to Hope is an online resource center dedicated to helping people find hope again after loss and can be visited at http://ope...

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About Me

Like many many others I have experienced the loss of a loved one, (see "My Story). I believe that those who will lose a loved one in the future could be helped in their grieving if they knew a little of what to expect. Whilst there will be grieving, some of the effects will be "normal" although alien to the bereaved at the time. To know in advance that many of the ways that you feel and the things that you do are the same as many others may be a great help. Please do not hesitate to contact me via the email link on this page.
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