Understanding grief after loss.

Grief following the loss of a loved one is a painful period that can have a terrible effect on the one that has been left behind, this is normal.

In a perfect world loving couples would talk about death and learn more about the effect of the grieving period before the inevitable death of one of that couple.

This website was written in an attempt to encourage that conversation.
After Loss has been visited by over 21,000 folk in the short time that it has been on the internet and from the many E-Mails that have been received that have said this website has helped them after their loss.

There are several pages to this website and these can be found under the logo at the top of the page, they can be visited by clicking on the page title.
After Loss was created in memory of my wife Sarah with the intention of helping others after the loss of a loved one to understand the pain that will follow bereavement, this of course applies also to the loss of a much loved pet animal.

The effects of the grieving period where you will see your self as a person that you no longer recognise as your self, can, I believe, be very much reduced if we have an understanding of those effects prior to the death, an understanding that the way you feel and act are normal feelings and the same or similar to others that are grieving.


BELOW IS THE LINK TO THE FULL after loss website.

 The content of this website is a personal view by the author of the website and I have no professional training as a counsellor trained to give guidance on personal problems.  It is my personal belief that this website can help those that visit the website in understanding that they are not alone in  handling the symptoms that cause the worry during the period following bereavement.

The website has several pages, "HOME" an overall view of the website. "MY STORY" my own journey through grieving that you will discover is very similar to your story. "POEMS" new and older poems that may help the reader and lines suitable for a memorium. "MEMORIUMS" where you can leave a memorium to your passed loved one. ( There is no charge for this ) "ANGEL LETTERS" a place to write that letter that expresses your feelings. ( There is no charge for this ) A "FORUM" and pages about "STRESS" and "DEPRESSION".

AFTER LOSS is FREE to use, NO E-Mail addresses required "except for "Angel Letters" and "Memoriums". ( NO E-MAIL addresses will be retained or used )

Dear Visitor, you are very welcome to join the over 21,000 that have already visited and I truly believe that "After Loss" will help you.

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